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Risk:  The possibility of incurring misfortune or loss; hazard 

Synonyms:  venture, peril, jeopardy; imperil, endanger, jeopardize; chance.

Hard Drives after Shredding:
Noteworthy is the end result – shredded material that fits in your hand.

hand holding shredded hdd.jpg

Watch the video of hard drives being grinded & shredded.

Are you gambling with your sensitive data?






For Data Destruction of disk drives and other electronic storage media, what are the options and compliance requirements?  There are two primary methods for destroying all device data.  First, the device is physically destroyed.  Shredding of the storage device is the most complete method.  Having a company’s representative observe or having a video of the actual shredding is an additional method for documenting the destruction.  A second method is Sanitization (i.e., “wiping”, “scrubbing”) which uses commercially available toolsets for software-based data destruction.  These methods overwrite all data, including partitions, files, boot record information, etc.  It is important to be compliant with DoD5220.22-M standards, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), Sarbanes-Oxley Act, etc.

If your company chooses physical destruction of the device, what are key questions?

  • What type of products & devices store sensitive data?
    • Copiers, Servers, Computers, Notebooks, POS Stations
    • Pin Pads
    • Flash Drives
    • CD’s & DVD’s
    • Backup Tapes
    • Video & Cassette Tapes
    • Credit, Gift & Phone Cards
  • Where are the devices (e.g., hard drives) located?
    • Pallet in the warehouse?
    • Office Closet?
    • Remote Office Worker?
  • What are your requirements?
    • Record Serial Numbers?
    • Witness the shredding of the devices?
    • Video tape of the shredding?
    • Security seals during transport of devices?
  • What happens after the devices are shredded?
    • After destruction, the metals are recycled
    • A Certificate of Recycling is provided


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